Time Trials

Time trials are an excellent way of sharpening up your cycling and developing your bike power - it's just you and the road, no drafting, and no worrying about running off the bike. We are members of the West London Combine, which is a series of club-run time trials over 10, 25 and 50 miles, all over the same course near Great Missenden in Bucks, with the target for the top guns always being to beat 24mins/ 1 hour/ 2 hours respectively.
While the racing is hard, the organisation is very laid back - tell Phil you're going to race, turn up in time to sign your name, pin on a number, warm up, then off you go... as quick as you can. Then there's tea & cake waiting at the finish. All for only £2 entry fee!
There are also usually 3 time trials organised by London Dynamo in Richmond Park in the summer over 10.5 miles, which again are a great way of charting fitness & speed over the season or year on year. Watch the forum for news of dates.
We will announce details of any other interesting/ convenient TTs that could appeal to members so if you are entering any and want company, let Phil know or put it on the forum. 
WLC events for 2014 are as follows:
2nd March 10 miles  
16th March 25 miles  
13th April 25 miles  
25th May 25 miles  
22nd June 50 miles  
31st Aug 25 miles solo & 2-up  
14th Sept 10 miles  
12th Oct Hill climb  

Time Trial Results 2014

22nd June - 50 miles
Name Time
Phil Roker 2:05:54
Haukur Heimisson 2:06:19
Karl Boehm 2:09:18
Aaron Clement 2:18:19
Jane Osborne 2:27:22
Walt Rothon 2:43:58
Jose Julian L-H 2:48:50
Vince Rowe 2:51:06
25th May - 25 miles
Name Time
Tim Lewis 1:01:45
Pete Rowe 1:01:34
Charlie Elliott 1:02:40
Phil Roker 1:02:59
Cameron Smith 1:09:13
Walt Rothon 1:11:26
13th April - 25 miles
Name Time
Phil Roker 1:04:15
Haukur Heimisson 1:04:26
Jonathon Furuya 1:05:07
Conor Richardson 1:05:17
Ruth Purbrook 1:07:39
16th March - 25 miles
Name Time
Tim Lewis 0:59:50
Mark Sempers 1:06:25
Karl Boehm 1:06:57
Aaron Clement 1:12:51
Annabel Kukulski 1:16:25
2nd March - 10 miles
Name Time
Tim Lewis 0:23:23
Karl Boehm 0:23:48
Haukur Heimisson 0:24:38
Phil Roker 0:25:13
Elliot Jones 0:26:20

Time Trial Results 2012

14th October - Hill Climb
Name Time
Stew Ward 0:02:11
Simon Kenyon 0:02:19
Phil Roker 0:02:23
2nd September - 25 miles
Name Time
Tim Lewis / Stew Ward 0:57:36
Stu Travis 0:58:29
Phil Roker 1:03:08
Dwyn Lewis 1:07:51
24th June - 10 miles
Name Time
Tim Lewis 0:23:20
Simon Kenyon 0:24:17
Phil Roker 0:24:22
Stew Ward 0:24:40
Graeme Purdy 0:25:34
PJ Thiabault 0:26:19
Nicola Wood 0:29:29
27th May - 25 miles
Name Time
Simon Kenyon 0:51:54
Phil Roker 0:53:20
Graeme Purdy 0:54:39
Rich Curling 0:57:02
Nicola Wood 1:01:54
15th April - 25 miles
Name Time
Phil Roker 1:07:23
Jamie Sutherland 1:08:11
Rich Curling 1:10:07
Nicola Wood 1:18:54