Joining Ful-on Tri

In order to maintain the quality and safety of our training sessions we put a total limit the number of members.  This means that membership often fills up early in the year, and we have to operate a waiting list.

The membership year starts on the 1st of October.  Existing members are given the chance to renew, after which people on the waiting list are asked if they'd like to join.  

Once the waiting list has been dealt with, we open our membership to the general public.  In the last few years membership has filled very rapidly, usually before Christmas.

Membership for the year 2013-14 is now full  . We will operate a waiting list for the 2014-15 season - every year we have members that either move away from the area, take up a new sport, or find that life or work are getting in the way, and who do not renew their membership, so places always become available at the start of each new membership year. (please see the Membership Categories page for details about the two types of membership)

Please note that the full subscription fee is payable for any year that you are a member - we don't offer a pro-rata reduction in subs if you join later in the year.

British Triathlon Membership

The British Triathlon Federation is the sport's governing body within the UK, and we encourage all our members to join. By joining the BTF you can enjoy a range of benefits including reduced entry fees to races, insurance and you will also be contributing towards the sports present and future development.  You also benefit from public liability insurance which covers you in racing and training.

To join the BTF please click here: Renew your membership

For every person who joins as a new member of Triathlon England using the link above, the club receives a £5 referral fee. Any amounts paid to the club by Triathlon England in this way all help towards the running costs of the club and ensure that we keep membership subs as low as we can.

Ful-On Tri Club is in British Triathlon's London Region, so we encourage all members to register (free) on Triathlon London's website: